Not sure you're into this whole church thing? Starting Point is designed just for you! We want our guests to be pleasantly surprised with how engaging and helpful a church can be. We’re ready to be there for you no matter where you are in your journey, and we trust you’ll discover that you don't have to be a "church person" to understand and enjoy church.

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Do you ever feel alone in this nobody truly understands you or what you are going through? You may have hundreds of facebook friends, dozens of text messages coming your way, more email to read than you have time for...and yet...there is still a feeling of emptiness and loneliness that alludes an explanation.

This message was from Starting Point's service on Sunday, April 26th, and looks at this subject...suggesting that the solution may lie in a very unexpected place.

We will look at the 2nd calling God has on our life...the call to belong. We will also look at the five benefits of belonging, designed to meet your five deepest needs, each having profound meaning for your life.

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