SPARK Stands for Starting Point Adventure Ready Kids and is all about fun, friendship, family values, and faith.  SPARK meets on Sunday mornings at Tansley Woods Community Centre from 10:30am-11:45am.  A typical SPARK morning looks like this.

10:15AM Check In/Registration

At the registration table, kids will be assigned to a team based on age group.  We have separate programs for nursery aged kids (called SPARK Nursery for birth through 4 years old.  SPARK Nursery meets in the preschool room), as well as Junior High (called Fuel for students in Grades 5-7.  Fuel meets in the Holland Room), but all three programs register at our Registration/Check-In table.  SPARK Kids (SK-Grade 4) can then head into the Teens/Seniors room at Tansley Woods.  Parents are encouraged to enjoy the main service at Starting Point.  We have fresh Tim Horton’s coffee, timbits, donuts, and muffins available for free at the back of the main room.  Live music kicks off the service, then a funny video or movie clip that introduces the topic of the day, then a practical and inspiring message about life issues that everyone can relate to.  Our service is designed for a diverse audience…so whether exploring faith is your thing…or even if it’s not…you can plan on hearing a message that fully engages your attention and applies to everyday life.


10:15 AM-10:35 AM

Kids can enjoy the following stations before the program begins.  Each station has SPARK high school and adult leaders to make sure each child feels at home and is enjoying themselves before the program begins.

-Crayola Craft Station

-Wii U Mario Kart and Nintendoland

-Mini Stick Hockey Station

-America’s Funniest Videos on the big screen

10:35 AM Program Begins

In their teams, kids share (optional) their high of the week and their low of the week

Team Challenge/Game of the week

Introduction of the topic of the week (Example: How to be a better friend, how to be brave, what to do when you’re angry, what to do when you feel lonely, etc.) and Bible story that illustrates the topic.

Team Discussion on what we learned today and how we can apply it at home, school, community etc.

Final Activity (could be a craft, another team game, an individual game)

Prize Wheel (New kids get to spin the prize wheel each week, and gives kids the chance to win a candy prize, a toy prize, or see their team leader have to have something silly done to them (like getting cream pied in the face!).


11:40 AM Free Time at the Stations

Kids get to enjoy time at the same stations they enjoyed before the program began.


11:45 AM-12:00 PM

Parents pick up their kids from the same table they checked in and registered their child at.


To register your child/children to attend our SPARK Launch Preview on April 1, and qualify to win a free week of SPARK DAY CAMP this summer (a $220 value!), please visit


To register your child/children to attend our SPARK Launch on April 8, and qualify to win a free week of SPARK DAY CAMP this summer (a $220 value!), please visit


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