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For kids aged 5-12


Cost: Only $180 for the week

Week 1: July 3-7             Week 2: July 17-21

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Starting Point Hero Camp helps bring out the hero in all of us!


During the week, campers will learn more about how to be a hero in their family, community, & schools.


Campers will hear from some local heroes in our community (including first responders), and will also have a chance to practice acts of kindness we will be doing as a camp (including assembling care packages to kids in developing countries, writing encouragement cards to kids in need in our own community, and more!)


Parents, you get to add another heroic thing to your parent hero resume and give your kids some of the best day trips of their year at a price you can afford!

Each week of day camp ends with a special Block Party in the park, free to day camp families and the community, featuring: BBQ hamburgers & hotdogs, chips, pop, a jumpy castle (from Niagara Inflatables), and live music featuring Mike Shotton and the Sunday Knights (House Band at the Black Swan Pub).



Week 1 will take place July 3-7, and will include day trips to:

Valens Conservation Area,

Canada’s Wonderland,

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park in Mississauga

Wild Water Works in Hamilton,

 Swimming at Tansley Woods.



Week 2 will take place July 17-21, and will include day trips to:

Valens Conservation Area,

Canada’s Wonderland,

Playdium in Mississauga

Wild Water Works in Hamilton,

 Swimming at Tansley Woods.




Starting Point Day Camp will meet daily from 9am-5pm, with drop off and pick at Millcroft Park, Burlington.



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Here is one of our highlight videos from 2015’s day camp.  Enjoy!



Registration Information




Step 1: Register online at our Eventbrite Page (see blue button links below)

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Step 2: Download, Print, & Fill out this 2017 Waiver Form/Zero Tolerance Policy.    Please scan and email back to

Looking for a great app that uses your phone’s camera to create a PDF?  Use what Mike uses: the Tiny Scanner App (Mike is not affiliated with the app…just a big fan!)

Step 3: Payment in full must be made to secure your camper’s registration spot.  Payment can be made online right now via PayPal (see payment option below to the left), or in person with cash, cheque, debit, or credit.  Payments can be made in person at Tansley Woods Community Centre (1996 Itabashi Way, Burlington) between 9:30-10:30am and 11:30am-12pm on Sundays (not until April 2nd however), or by contacting our office administrator, Sue Conick, at 289.427.5857, or

# of Campers Being Registered

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Conick at 289.427.5857, or email




Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in charge of Starting Point Day Camp?
Starting Point Day Camp is led by Mike Hauser, lead pastor of Starting Point Church (a church for people who don’t go to church).  Mike has been heading up day camps like this for the past 15 years, and has over 10 years of experience in full time youth work.
What is the leader-camper ratio?
We staff one leader for every 5 campers.
Who are the leaders?
All Starting Point Day Camp leaders have been selected by the Lead Pastor from Starting Point Church, and have completed police background checks and an application process with references.  Only those experienced in working with children aged 8-13 were selected, and our leaders were selected based on their proven track record for being fun, kind, friendly, and respected.
Will my child be supervised at all times?
Yes!  Campers will help us create groups of 4-6 (based on friendships, siblings, age, etc.) and are expected to remain in that group with their leader at all times.   For the days we are swimming, parents can decide whether they want their child to be supervised at all times with their group, or if they will allow their child to use the buddy system with check in times throughout the day.  
What is the method of transportation for the day trips?
Campers and leaders will travel together by school bus, chartered through Hamilton Christian Transportation Services.
 Can I register my child for single days?
Not at this time.  If there are still spots available one week out from the day camp you are interested in, we will open spots up at that time.  Please contact to signup for our single day waiting list.
 Is lunch included in the price?
Only Wednesday’s lunch at Canada’s Wonderland is included in the price (One Hamburger, One bag of lays chips, one can of pop (If your child has food allergies, please let us know in the online registration form and we will connect  with Canada’s Wonderland catering staff in advance to accommodate your child’s needs).  Campers are encouraged to bring snacks to eat on the bus before and after their day at Canada’s Wonderland)  For all other days, Students are expected to bring a bagged lunch on Monday for Valens Conservation Area, and for all other days, may choose to bring a bagged lunch or to bring spending money to purchase their lunch .  Lunches can be purchased on every day trip except Monday.
What does my child need to bring each day?
-Starting Point Day Camp T-Shirt (included in the day camp fees)
-Comfortable footwear
-Weather appropriate clothing
-Bagged lunch or lunch money
-Water bottle/Juice Boxes (If desired)
-bathing suit and towel on Thursday and Friday for day trips to Wild Water Works and Tansley Woods.
Is the registration cost for the camp lower if my child has a season’s pass to Canada’s Wonderland or another attraction?
Yes!  Please indicate on your registration form which attraction your child has a season’s pass for and we will discount you the amount we would have paid for your child otherwise.
What happens if my child is in a group that has a different comfort level with rides at Canada’s Wonderland?
For our day at Canada’s Wonderland, we do our best to group campers based on their age/height and their comfort level with rides.  This increases the chances of your camper having a fun and comfortable day.  Groups will decide which rides to go on based on group votes.  Leaders will also make every effort to (but cannot guarantee) allow each camper to choose at least one activity/ride to go on.  Campers will not have to go on any rides they do not want to go on.  In the event a camper does not want to go on a ride with the others in the group, they will be expected to go through the line with their group (thus being supervised at all times), but may walk through the ride with their leader once at the front of the line and wait for their group at the exit.
What happens in the event of a poor weather forecast?
We do have some freedom with the order we do our day trips.  If necessary, we will swap an indoor day (like the ROM or Science Centre) with an outdoor day (Canada’s Wonderland) to try and navigate the weather forecast.  We will communicate any changes via email or printed letter the day before any such changes.
Can campers bring electronic devices?
Yes.  However, we also stand behind each parent’s discretion on this one….so campers…..please listen to your parents! Although students are allowed to bring an electronic device if they choose to do so, Starting Point Day Camp and it’s leaders are not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any property brought with the camper.

What is the zero tolerance policy?

Our zero tolerance policy exists to protect our campers against bullying, name calling, teasing, etc.  At Starting Point Day Camp, we do not want to see any student dismissed for behavioural reasons.  We make every effort to work with day campers and allow them the opportunity to change their behaviour when they are misbehaving.  However, we do have a zero tolerance policy for campers committing excessive verbal or physical abuse towards campers or leaders.  This behaviour would include: hitting, punching, kicking, or other forms of fighting, verbal threats of violence, and excessive name calling and swearing.  Furthermore, any camper caught stealing or damaging another persons property will also be subject to our zero tolerance policy.  The previously mentioned behaviours will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion for the remaining week of day camp with no refund provided.
How are you able to do all of this for such a low price?
We take great pride in providing kids with the best possible day camp experience at the lowest possible price.  The reason we are able to do this is that our only expenses are the group rate admission expenses and the bus costs to travel.  Our day camp leader is a paid staff member of Starting Point Church, and the remaining 8-12 staff are volunteers.  We believe you will find our prices to be of great value and invite you to compare our day camp prices with other day camps in the area.