What to expect at a Starting Point Service

Tansley Sunday Mornings

– An upbeat and friendly atmosphere.
– A convenient check in process for our children’s programs (Nursery 0-3yrs and elementary 4-9yrs)
– Our band to rock out 2-3 songs each week
– Our lead pastor to be honest about his own faith journey. Mike will never try to lead you to a place he has not been himself.
– To be engaged with messages that apply to everyday life.
– To look at the Bible to see what Jesus actually taught.
– To hear us acknowledge that you can and should decide for yourself what you believe as it pertains to the message.
– To be inspired and challenged, to laugh, to think, and to find each message helpful for everyday living.
– Our services to start and finish on time (a total of one hour).
– Your kids to want to come back.
– Free Tim Horton’s coffee , donuts, and Timbits before and after the service.
– Us to use the media language of today’s generation.

Ultimately, we hope you will find our church friendly, accepting, practical, helpful, fun, and with the times.

Starting Point meets Sundays from 10:30am-11:45am at Tansley Woods Community Centre, 1996 Itabashi Way, Burlington.